Why MicroCompost Tea Brewers?

A simple effective Compost Tea Brewer for those who understand the need for diverse biota in your planters and soils.  Now sized (and priced) for the individual homeowner!

Learn more about the benefits of compost tea!

flowers_0025_90perc_bright.jpgMicro Compost Tea Brewers



We've created this simple effective Compost Tea Brewer for those of you who know what you need - and want to get - diverse biota replenished in and around your house and yard plants.  Whether you want to improve your indoor house plants, outdoor flower beds, lawns, gardens or shrubs, we have a small, simple, and effective home brewer for you!


A reliable brewer can be made from many inexpensive household components. You may already have what you need to build your own. But consider: we sell a complete kit for under $30 and refills for under $10! How? Only a very small amount of quality compost tea is needed to effectively build soil and substrate biota (best scientific info at this point - for more, see: The Benefits of Compost Tea).


The key is using quality ingredients for maximum species diversity along with proportionally designed equipment … and that is exactly what we provide with this brewer!

     8 oz Kit                                                                             $26.99 + shipping
                (covers over 540 square feet - about 20' x 25' or enough for over 5000 4" pots)

    12 oz Kit                                                                             $28.99 + shipping

     8 oz Refill                                                                           $8.99  +  shipping
               (makes eight 8oz batches - ingredients only)

  12 oz Refill                                                                           $9.99  +  shipping
               (makes eight 12oz batches - ingredients only)





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